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3-osainen LED-valaisinsarja IP44 - Upotettavat valaisimet - 002000 - 1
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3-osainen Led-valaisinsetti hopea - Upotettavat valaisimet - 002001 - 1
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5-osainen LED-valosetti valkoinen - Upotettavat valaisimet - 002002 - 1
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While metals are often chosen for their high thermal conductivity, many applications do not require this high thermal transfer. 

Coolics® , the new patent pending innovation enables  environmentally friendly LED cooling without the use of aluminium. 

Coolics® technology is based on two innovations:
  1. Coolics® Optima is a proprietary family of polymerswhich includes  several different recipes of polymers combined with the innovative use of ceramic components. 
  2. Coolics® injection moulding technology where heat generating  electronic  component is inserted  to thermally conducting raw material. 

Coolics advantage:

• Coolics® ensures that the heat generated by LEDs is
transferred away from the PCB and spread to surroundings –  no need for additional heat sinks 

• Easy to install – can be mounted to variety of surfaces

• Reduced weight – reduced freight costs. Approx. 50% lighter products than aluminium

• Cost effective 

• Optimized LED modules

• Customised LED modules (freedom of design) 

• Available in wide variety of thermoplastic resins - Can be adjusted to various types of environments 

• Can be electrically insulative or conductive 

• Inherent corrosion resistance 

• V-0 available